Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Plate of the Week: 1947 Anchorage city plate

Anchorage (Alaska) city plate #1086
I recently got this plate from someone who found it in the newspaper lining of a dresser that they were refinishing!

I only have photo evidence of two Anchorage city plates. The other (#878) is in the Alaska section of the ALPCA Archives (membership required). A photo of 878 was also in the February 1984 issue of the ALPCA Newsletter.

There were probably at least (1086 - 100) = 986 issued. If the numbering started at 1, then there were probably at least 1086. ;-)

If you have any photos or information about Anchorage City plates from this era, please let me know!

Update 9:22am: Jack McGee just sent me this photo of his:

Anchorage (Alaska) city plate #859
Thanks, Jack! You just increased the number of photos I know of by 50%. ;-)

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