Wednesday, August 13, 2008

AKPL8S Alaska license plate meet 2008 - honoring Earl Jenson

We're having the 2008 Alaska license plate meet on October 4th.

This year, the meet is in honor of the late Earl Jenson, a former Alaska State Trooper, collector, and all-around great guy.

His collection of Alaskan plates was phenomenal. Here's a photo that he sent me when I first contacted him.

If you collect Alaskas, you know just how tough some of these are. For example, 3 is the lowest Legislator plate number (1 is the Governor, 2 is the Lt. Governor).

When I was just getting started, Earl befriended me and answered many eager questions about Alaska plates. He taught me that being a collector is about more than just acquisitions. He was always willing to encourage new collectors and to share all of the information that he had. We miss you, Earl.

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