Thursday, August 14, 2008

Alaska Children's Trust ("KID") plates - three little-known facts

The Alaska Children's Trust works to prevent child abuse and neglect, and the plate itself is charming with its cute artwork of a fisherman boy in a rain slicker.

Here are three trivia tidbits about the Alaska Children's Trust plates.

1. Unlike most Alaskan plates, the KID plates started with KID 001 instead of KID 100. The only other "AAA 999" plates on the road today that do this are the Prisoner of War plates (POW 001) and the Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV 001). Any other plates that you see of the form AAA 001 are either non-current, or vanity plates.

2. You can transfer KID plates from one vehicle to another! Most non-vanity plates aren't portable in this way.

3. A new plate design is in the works. It looks like voting for the new design is over, but I'm still investigating which one won.

Update 9:19am: According to my sources, the voting is not over -- it's just on hold, and it will be resuming in the near future. I'll post again when I hear more.


kaseynicole said...

What about the plates for the various universities? They start with UAA, UAF or UAS.

tychotithonus (Royce Williams) said...

There's also the PWS plates - Prince William Sound Community College.