Friday, April 17, 2009

WAR: Wayne Anthony Ross' interesting license plates

photo from the now-defunct and much-missed Insurgent49

On March 26th, 2009, Governor Sarah Palin appointed Wayne Anthony Ross to be the Attorney General for Alaska. The print version and the original version of the ADN article yesterday refers to Ross' personalized license plate:

Wayne Anthony Ross, a gun rights advocate who blazes around town in a red Hummer with the personalized tag WAR, will step into the position vacated last month by Talis Colberg.

The clever initials-as-actual-word usage is clever and eye-catching - especially on a Hummer.

But for license plate geeks, what's interesting here is that this plate has gone through a number of incarnations. Ross has had the same plate for so long (apparently, for at least 35 years) that he has a number of bases to choose from - and he does. In the photo above, he's running a 1974 vanity:

A year later, I just happened to run across Ross' vehicle at random, and in the intervening time, he had put on his 1976 plate (the red-on-white clearly identifies is as the 'standing bear' vintage, sans bear):

Most folks would never notice - but the plate people appreciate seeing a little bit of history on the road!


AKJeeper said...

How do you get more than one set of the same personalized plates?

tychotithonus (Royce Williams) said...

Responding five years later ... you can just go to the DMV and request a new style. You get to keep the old ones.